Plumber Sorrento

Are you dissatisfied with your home or businesses current plumbing? Are dripping taps driving you insane? For fast and effective relief from plumbing woes get in touch with the team at P-Trap Plumbing. Available around the clock our plumbers give Sorrento residents a prompt resolution from sustained or new plumbing faults.

Using innovative and advanced repair and maintenance methods and techniques we can improve the quality of life of our customers living and working throughout Melbourne’s expansive South East.

Bathroom Renovations Sorrento

At P-Trap Plumbing we know how ugly and distracting outdated décor can be in the home. Long gone are the days that burnt orange tiling was the design trend that every home HAD to have. To refresh and revitalise the home our skilled and talented team can oversee the completion of bathroom renovations for Sorrento residents throughout the area.

Taking a personalised approach to the project we can deliver a bathroom renovation that translates our customer’s vision into a reality.

Gas Plumbing and Hot Water Service in Sorrento

Increase the safety and responsiveness of your gas plumbing systems by speaking to the team at P-Trap Plumbing. As fully-qualified, insured, and accredited gas plumbers Sorrento residents can trust our transparent and careful approach to repairing, installing and maintaining faulty natural gas systems. To find out more about our comprehensive, modern, and affordable hot water services call 0410 042 791 today!

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