Hot Water Service Hotline!

Hot Water Service Hotline!

P-Trap Plumbing has been busy, busy, busy replacing and repairing Hot Water Services in Frankston and surrounding suburbs over the past week.

As the weather cools down, you want to ensure that you enjoy can enjoy a shower with lots of hot water! If you have a faulty Hot Water Service, not only is it uncomfortable and inconvenient, it could be costing you money!

There are now a great range of Hot Water Systems available, at an affordable price and with favourable energy ratings. An efficient Hot Water Service can add value to your home and help cut down on your gas and electricity bills. P-Trap Plumbing has extensive knowledge in the latest offering of Hot Water Services and can recommend the best Hot Water Service to suit your family needs and budget.

So don’t put up with no Hot Water, call us for a quote on 0410 042 791. We offer emergency Hot Water Service repair and replacement. We do not charge a call out fee to diagnose your Hot Water Service issue, so you only pay if we replace or repair your Hot Water Service. We can offer a Hot Water Service replacement quote over the phone and advise which Hot Water system is best for you.

If you would like to book one of these services, talk to us on 0410 042 791 or write to us at: [email protected]

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